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Congratulations on your new home.  Capital Rebates Inc. works directly with individual homeowners architects, builders and designers to recoup their clients HST paid on the purchase, construction or substantial renovation of a home.


Capital Rebates does not require payment of fees prior to receiving your rebate from the government.


Our expert team offers full-service in obtaining and handling all work involved. Capital Rebates manages and oversees the entire administrative process and (if eligible) Canada Revenue Agency will issue the client a cheque in the amount of $16,080 to $24,000 upon completion (less commission).


Our mandate is to make the process seamless for the client.  Our team is paid only if the client's rebate is successful.


After spending large sums of money, time and effort, this program is a fantastic opportunity for homeowners. Most homeowners do not understand the process or know that they are eligible.


Contact Capital Rebates Inc. to determine if you are eligible to receive this rebate.


We offer referral fees for successful rebates. 

Please inquire about our referral program.


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